Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Tom, and my expertise is in working with directors and cinematographers to create high quality, storytelling visual effects and animation. Solving practical problems to create believable on-screen illusions.  

Combining the physical with the digital is what I love. Creating images is what I do.

You are welcome to have a look at the different projects I have worked on. If you see anything you like, or if you would like to know how something was made, please feel free to contact me!

My mind is always open for new creative and technical challenges, even the ones that do not have a straight forward solution. Compositing is my focus, but generalist by heart.

I enjoy being on set, and alongside VFX-set-supervision I have work as a camera assistant / focus puller.

I am a dedicated freestyle sports athlete, riding competitions and competitions in freestyle BMX. Currently sponsered by and riding for BMX Amsterdam

Kind Regards,

Tom Selbeck






Feature film work:

Bankier van het Verzet - Compositor

De Premier - Compositor/VFX supervisor

Zama - Compositor/CG artist

Little Vampire 3D - Stereo Compositor

Dorst - Compositor

More Human Than Human - Compositor

Kleine Ijstijd - Compsitor

Roodkapje On-set VFX supervisor

Ashes In The Snow - Compositor

Dikkertje Dap - On set VFX supervisor

Queen of Katwe - Compositor

Time Will Tell - Compositor

The Last Face - Compositor/CG artist

De Club van Sinterklaas & Geblaf op de Pakjesboot - additional camera assistant


Short Film:

Eigen - Compositor/VFX supervisor/2nd AC

In Kropsdam is Iedereen Gelukkig - Compositor/CG artist/ VFX supervisor/2nd AC

Red Giant - concept/pipeline/2D/3D artist

Dark Machine - Compositor

Sweeth Tooth - Compositor

Regained Memory - Compositor

WK Cavia - CG & Compsoiting

Errors of Eros - Compositing

Grijs is ook een kleur / When Grey is a colour to  - VFX supervisor / Compositor (Winner of 2017 Bronze Student Academy Award)

In de Schaduw van de Tijd - Compositor/CG artist/VFX supervisor

Het einde van het geslacht Vos - CG artist

Me and Moresnet - 1st assistent camera

Kind - 2nd assistent camera

Dost - 2nd assistent camera (One night stand)

Watervrees - 2nd assistent camera




De Twaalf van Oldenheim - Compositor

Brussel - Compositor

Centraal Medisch Centrum - Compositor

Moordvrouwen - Compositor

Export Baby - Compositor

B.A.B.S - Compositor

Flikken Maastricht (S13) - Additional camera assistent

Klem (S2) - 3rd camera assistent


Music video:

Kingfisher- Jungle by Night- Compositor

Gers Pardoel - Nooit Meer Alleen - Compositor/on-set-data handler



KitKat - "Still Alive" - Compositor

Polaroid - "Tableau Vivant" - Compositor/3D artist

Polar Breeze - "Vanished into Air" - Compositor/VFX supervisor

Polar Breeze - "Travel the Seasons" - Compositor/VFX supervisor

Allan Gray – “The Letter” - Compositor

Gumtree me, please! - Compositor

Beacon - Bubbles - Compositor


Stage show projections:

Masters of Dirt Limitless Vienna 2017 -'The Skull opening' - CG artist/designer

Masters of Dirt All In Vienna 2018 -'Pokerface' - CG artist/designer